About Us

School Farms Work Toward Food and Nutrition Security, and ATVET Skills Development Through The Education System


Students may struggle to focus on school in low economic areas when the more pressing concern of food security looms. School attendance and retention are being impacted as schools struggle to provide meals and students who remain in the classroom are less engaged. According to the United Nations’ World Food Programme, school meals remain one of the most effective social safety net initiatives for promoting education.

School Farms was founded on 8th March 2013 as a community-based organization to help address the growing burden of supplying highly nutritious, farm-produced crops, fruits and vegetables, to schools in Ghana. Through the deployment of an innovative community-supported model, schools are supported in growing their produce, while using the farms as an experiential learning space to improve the teaching and learning experience.

Our Concept

How School Farms Works

School Farms explores the interconnection between education, nutrition, and skills development by working to improve access to all. We work toward food and nutrition security, and ATVET skills development through the education system in order to enrich the future of agriculture in Ghana.

By providing hands-on agricultural skills training to students at rural schools in Ghana, School Farms is not only able to enrich the educational experience of students but allow them to contribute to their school’s meal programme. 

In this way, the produce harvested from school farm is then consumed by the students to improve the quantity and quality of foods provided. 

Key Stakeholders

The School

The school will host the project and lead the implementation of the project.

Local MOFA

The local Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) provides free Agriculture extension services, technical assistance and access to subsidise seeds and agricultural inputs.


The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) provides local support for the project, aid in planning and volunteer for communal work.


The host community provides litigation free land, supply of cost-effective manual labor, traditional support in planning and implementation.


The Ghana Education Service (GES) Provides support with school selection and curriculum development


The Ghana School Feeding Programme provides technical support.

Target Group

Primary School (Play & Learn)

By playing, children acquire interpersonal and team building skills, along with the confidence to learn about healthy food.

Junior High School (Learn & Eat)

Students learn how to grow staple crops, vegetables, and fruits. They learn about new healthy foods and ways that they can be prepared.

Senior High School (Learn & Eat)

Develop agriculture vocational skills by growing staple crops, vegetables and fruits. Recognise healthy foods and preparation practices.

Partner Organisations

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