School Farms empowers local community schools to grow their own food

It creates a space to help students gain practical skills and explore opportunities in agriculture.

The main objective of the program is to address hunger in schools by helping them grow their own food

Other objectives include...

  • Increase school enrolment, interest, retention and attendance
  • Reduces the feeding cost of schools
  • Equip students with agricultural skills training
  • Improve the health of students
School Farms has three components for success...
School Farms
School Farms

Through the support of our local partners and the community. Schools get the opportunity to cultivate their own food. This will also give them the opportunity to understand their food system. Land is cultivated and 70% of the yield is use to feed students. 30% of the yield is sold to an identified market and proceeds goes into a fund. 20% of this fund is invested into the farm and 10% is used for the farm management.

School Farms
School Meals

Sustainable school meal addresses the problem of poor access to education, school dropout rate and concentration of students on academic work. We provide highly balanced and nutritious meal from produce from the school farm to students to enable their healthy growth and mental development.

School Farms

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Expected Impact
Short Term
  • Reduce the feeding cost of schools resulting in a reduction in the cost of accessing quality education
  • Increase in the enrolment, interest and attendance to schools
  • Students will acquire knowledge and skills in agriculture and as well as the agriculture value chain
  • Create job opportunities for local community members
Long Term
  • Increase literacy rate because of increased access to education
  • Development skills in agriculture
  • Mainstreaming young people in Agriculture
  • Increase community cohesion and engagement for local development
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