Farms for Nutrition,
Education, and Skills.


School Farms is a community-based organisation that addresses the growing burden of supplying highly nutritious, farm-produced crops, fruits and vegetables, to schools in Ghana. Through the deployment of an innovative community-supported model, schools are supported in growing their own produce, while using the farms as an experiential learning space to improve teaching and learning experience.

School Farms explores the interconnection between education, nutrition, and skills development by working to improve access to all. We work toward food and nutrition security, and ATVET skills development through the education system in order to enrich the future of agriculture in Ghana.

By providing hands-on agricultural skills training to students at rural schools in Ghana, School Farms is not only able to enrich the educational experience of students but allow them to contribute to their school’s meal programme. 

In this way, the produce harvested from school farm is then consumed by the students to improve the quantity and quality of foods provided. 


From 2014-2023, Across 4 Regions

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From 2014-2023, Across 4 Regions

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On average, there has been a 40% reduction in the school meals budget of our partner schools.


Our Model


School children use our school farms to gain practical agricultural skills which they can utilize for life. This will be achieved through development of an ATVET CBT curriculum and experiential learning modules for JHS and SHS.

Community schools are supported to grow staple food crops, vegetables and fruits for experiential learning and school meals.
With fresh and nutritious produce from the farm, schoolchildren are offered sustainable in-school meals to promote healthy growth and mental development. Also, schoolchildren learn about healthy meals and how it connects to farms.

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Founder's Message

Some years ago, I was in primary school in an underserved community in Ghana. The experience I had while growing up inspired the work I do today. Back in school, I had a friend called Raymond who was gifted in arts and crafts. He did it passionately and creatively.

Raymond comes from a poor family and could barely secure his daily meals; lunch at school almost always eluded him. Raymond aspired to be an engineer in future. I often shared my school meal with Raymond and when I was absent from school he is barely left with the hope of a secured meal. Raymond was often caught absentminded in class and most times with his head on the table. He was just hungry, nothing apart from that. He later dropped out of school to support his family and get daily bread.

What if Raymond could be afforded the opportunity to grow in a healthy school environment with a hope of a secured school meal? What if Raymond gave all his concentration to active academic work? What if he had enough reason or motivation not to sacrifice his education in pursuit of an income for his household?

Alfred Adjabeng

Founder, School Farms

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